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FluoTime 250 plug and play time-resolved spectrometer

20 November 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

PicoQuant have introduced the FluoTime 250 fluorescence lifetime spectrometer. Comprehensive software wizards allow even novice users to perform complex measurements such as fluorescence decays or time-resolved anisotropy studies in a very short time. Advanced users get full access to all instrument capabilities via a point-and-click interface or integrated scripting language. All components in the optical beam paths are motorised and controlled by the EasyTau 2 software. Emission wavelength selection is via a motorised filter wheel equipped with various cut-off or bandpass filters. An optional monochromator is available for the UV/vis spectral range. By adding an optional monochromator, the FluoTime 250 can also measure time-resolved emission spectra (TRES). The FluoTime 250 uses picosecond pulsed lasers diodes and LEDs covering a spectral range from 255 nm to 1550 nm. All excitation sources are controlled via a PDL 820 laser driver, which allows output power and repetition rates (up to 80 MHz) to be varied and supports burst mode for selected laser heads.