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DA 6200 NIR analyser for meat and olive processors

31 May 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

PerkinElmer has launched the DA 6200™ near infrared (NIR) analyser from its Perten group, which will help meat and olive processors to conduct quality and process control more accurately, easily and quickly. The DA 6200 uses diode array NIR transmission spectroscopy, which enables the analyser to provide accurate test results of fat, moisture and protein levels in a sample, as well as collagen, salt and ash, in 30 seconds. This accuracy and speed also translate to very large, inhomogeneous samples.

Its compact size and battery power option make the DA 6200 analyser fully portable, and it has a built-in touchpad screen. It comes with customised meat and olive product calibrations designed to work across a range of product types, eliminating the need for onsite collaboration development.

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