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Webinar Promotion Package

Are you Preaching to the Converted?

There is no doubt as to the value of webinars in the marketing mix, and companies are increasingly keen to host webinars themselves. With the wide choice of providers, this is not difficult. However, the real challenge is in getting the right audience and, in particular, reaching new potential customers. It is all too easy to be “preaching to the converted”, i.e. just your existing customer base.

Through Spectroscopy Europe and Spectroscopy World you can reach a wider range of scientists and, potentially, gain new attendees that would have been difficult to find otherwise.

Our Webinar Promotion may be the solution for you. You get:

  • Full-page advertisement in one digital issue
  • Website banner for 1 month
  • Announcement in one e-newsletter
  • Up to two announcements on each of our social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram)

Costs are £1000/€1200/$1400 (Europe), £1080/€1295/$1510 (rest of the World), £1770/€2125/$2480 (global, i.e. both areas). Less, of course, any discount you may have if you are in the 2022 Directory.

If you would like to try this or would like a customised quote, please contact me: [email protected], +44-1243-811334.