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Focus On Sponsored Publications

A new series of sponsored print and digital publications designed to demonstrate your targeted area of expertise to the scientific community. Focus On Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, Focus On NIR Spectroscopy for PAT, Focus On Mass Spectrometry Imaging or whatever your target is.

We work closely with you to create a custom scientific booklet and to distribute it to a wide audience. We edit the content from your material using our decades of direct experience in producing spectroscopy publications. The primary output is a PDF only available to logged-in users. Each time the PDF is downloaded, you will receive the contact details of the reader: name, affiliation, e-mail address and job title.

Optionally, you can order printed copies of the booklet to distribute to customers or others as you wish. Other digital formats are available as well.

Each Focus On booklet is a custom project and the cost depends on your particular requirements. Cost is likely to be in the range of £5000–£10,000.

Contact Ian Michael to Focus On your next project