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AP Technologies Ltd

AP Technologies is the UK-based distributor of OtO Photonics’ extensive range of high-performance, ruggedised, miniature spectrometers for OEM integration covering wavelengths from the deep UV-to SWIR. Suitable for both industrial and life science applications.

Spectroscopy accuracy 
OtO have developed a number of proprietary technologies bringing enhanced performance and reduced size to classic Czerny-Turner (C-T) cavity spectrometers. Additional to these:

  • Sensor options include high speed, UV- and NIR-enhanced, back-thinned, cooled back-thinned and linear InGaAs arrays from manufacturers such as Hamamatsu, Sony and Toshiba
  • Wide choice of grating grooves-per-mm and blaze angle
  • Low stray light performance
  • Storage chips of up to 64MB provide a large onboard memory. Combined with precise and continuous exposure, they ensure there is no latency in spectral reading

Product ruggedisation is a result of strong opto-mechanical design and manufacture:

  • Anti-vibration and anti-shock product casing allow for consistently accurate use
  • Excellent thermal and humidity stability

Compact form 
OtO are world-renowned for their miniaturisation of high resolution microspectrometer technology for handheld and portable instrumentation. For example:

  • The use of proprietary design IP and MEMs micro-chip fabrication techniques to produce the combined grating-collimator in UltraMicro (330-850nm) and RedSparrow (950-1700nm)
  • New models SilverBullet (180-1100nm) and RedBullet (900-1700nm) combine collimator and focussing mirrors into a single curved component for reduced size and weight with no loss of either sensitivity or resolution

OtO offers an exceptional range of grating, sensor, slit and wavelength combinations allowing users to select the combination which best fits their needs. If a dedicated solution is still required, this is offered at no extra cost.

All OtO spectrometers are supplied with their SpectraSmart spectral measurement software as well as a full Windows Software Developer’s Kit and support for Linux.

Contact details

AP Technologies Ltd
The Coach House, Watery Lane, Bath BA2 1RL
United Kingdom
+44 1225 780400
+44 8701 266449
Photo of miniature spectrometer held between two fingers