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AP Technologies Ltd

AP Technologies is the UK-based distributor for OtO Photonics’ range of spectrometers operating from 180 nm to 2500 nm.

OtO’s proprietary MEMS-based freeform grating-collimator technology enables ultra-compact microspectrometers covering 330–850 nm (UltraMicro) and 900–1700 nm (RedSparrow). Compact dimensions and low weight make these ideally suited to mobile applications.

A wide range of compact and rugged Czerny-Turner and folded-cavity C-T designs can be specified with a choice of silicon (180–1100 nm), InGaAs (900–1700 nm) and extended-response InGaAs (900–2500 nm) sensors. Further options for grating and slit allow optimisation of speed, spectral range, sensitivity and resolution. Single- and two-stage Peltier-cooled models are available.

OtO’s “DualSpectrometer” model combines two C-T cavities with a single input allowing users to specify silicon/silicon, silicon/InGaAs or InGaAs/InGaAs sensors for full 180–1700 nm operation or selected bands within this range.

All OtO spectrometers are supplied with their “SpectraSmart” spectral measurement software as well as a full Windows Software Developer’s Kit and support for Linux.

Contact details

AP Technologies Ltd
The Coach House, Watery Lane, Bath BA2 1RL
United Kingdom
+44 1225 780400
+44 8701 266449
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