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Standalone quadrupole power supply

27 September 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

Extrel CMS has launched a new power supply, the 440khz QPS, which offers a wider capacitance range compared to previous models, so it adapts to a broader range of quadrupole mass filters, octupole and hexapole ion guides, collision cells, and other RF devices—including non-Extrel products and custom-built, specialised vacuum systems. The power supply has a single input for control, and two power supply outputs to be connected to the RF device. The mass range is from 4 Da to 16,000+ Da, making large-ion research with a quadrupole mass spectrometer not only possible, but capable of achieving high resolution and sensitivity.

The 440khz QPS is available as a standalone power solution, meaning it is a cost-effective alternative to expensive magnetic sector or time-of-flight mass spectrometers. Users can add the QPS to their existing quadrupole system without having to buy a new, complete mass spectrometer. It can also be combined with other powerful components from Extrel, including quadrupoles, octupoles, hexapoles, other ion guides, ionisers, benders, energy analysers, detectors and scan control systems.