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Bruker launches timsTOF HT with greater dynamic range

7 June 2022 | Product
by Ian Michael

Bruker has announced the further evolution of their 4D Multiomics timsTOF platform with the launch of the new timsTOF HT system. The timsTOF HT includes a novel 4th-generation TIMS (trapped ion mobility separation) XR cell and 14-bit digitiser for even greater dynamic range, enhanced peptide coverage and more accurate quantitation, particularly in unbiased 4D plasma and tissue proteomics and epiproteomics. These advances are achieved without compromising the ultra-high sensitivity and extreme robustness for high-throughput proteomics, e.g., at 50 samples per day (SPD) or up to 200 SPD, or the high scientific confidence of better than 1 % peptide and protein FDRs (false discovery rates), avoiding inherent antigen cross-reactivity in targeted immune-recognition methods. The timsTOF HT instrument can identify over 100 k unique tryptic peptides in 60 min gradients with accurate quantification of better than 5 % CVs for many protein groups in low microgram quantities of a three-proteome mixture, using the dia-PASEF technique. The timsTOF HT also is optimised for high-throughput, deep and unbiased plasma proteomics and liquid biopsy biomarker research.