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SpiralTOF MALDI-ToF System

25 May 2010 | Product
by Katie Michael

JEOL USA have introduced of the company’s first commercially available MALDI-ToF mass spectrometer, the JEOL JMS-S3000 SpiralTOF. The SpiralTOF has new ToF ion optics with an extended flight length in a compact footprint, delivering a resolving power of greater than 60,000 (FWHM) over a wide mass range of m/z 10–30,000.

JEOL’s patented technology consists of a staggered figure-eight ion trajectory of 17 m. By refocusing the ion packets during each turn, the divergence of the ions is reduced over the flight distance. The SpiralTOF ion optical system is engineered to overcome the limits of delayed extraction with kinetic energy convergence resulting in high sensitivity, resolving power and mass accuracy (less than 1ppm) over a wide mass range.

The SpiralTOF is available in four configurations:

  • MALDI-ToF MS with high mass resolving power and high mass accuracy.
  • Linear ToF option for high sensitivity analysis of high molecular weight samples and/or those that undergo post-source decay.
  • ToF/ToF option for acquiring high energy collision-induced dissociation (CID) product ion spectra of monoisotopically selected precursor ions.
  • ToF/ToF plus Linear ToF for full analytical capability.

With the addition of the SpiralTOF to its mass spectrometer product line, JEOL makes available a unique analytical instrument for proteomics, synthetic polymers, materials and biomolecules