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Software for updated energy dispersive spectroscopy systems

25 January 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

EDAX, Inc. has introduced the latest revision of its APEX™ Analysis Software, which now is available not only for the Element, but also for the Octane Elect energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) systems. The latest release of the software now includes a number of new features.

Advanced Reporting includes the ability to generate reports directly from APEX™ Live mode and a report designer, which provides flexible and customisable templates for the presentation of images, spectra, quantification results, text, logos and sample information. Drift Correction enables parameters to be set automatically for easy operation, along with options to save drift images and define manual reference areas for advanced correction needs. Dynamic Element Mapping includes the addition and removal of elements in Mapping and Linescan modes to show only elements of interest. CompoMaps provides live net mapping capability for the separation of elemental contributions from overlapping peaks to individual elemental maps for more accurate representations of EDS maps. Spectrum Match is now available for APEX™ together with a newly launched Smart Materials and Minerals Library option, which enables the matching of a collected “unknown” spectrum to a library of reference spectra.