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ED XRF analyser for the petrochemical industry

23 October 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

Bruker has launched the S2 POLAR, multi-element benchtop analyser based on polarised energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (ED XRF). The S2 POLAR offers the same analytical precision for quality control in the petrochemical industry as typically achieved by more expensive wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence instruments. It analyses ultra-low sulfur content and achieves detection limits in the sub-ppm range for gasoline, kerosene and diesel. Its ability to measure multiple elements simultaneously, including chlorine for corrosion prevention and phosphorus against residue build-up, makes the S2 POLAR suited to the analytical demands of refineries, as well as for the downstream supply chain of pipelines, oil terminals and petrol stations.

The S2 POLAR is compliant with all relevant ASTM, DIN, IP, JIS and ISO norms. Bruker’s multilingual TouchControl™ interface and factory calibrated application packages for the ASTM norms D7220, D4294, D6481 and D7751 ensure “plug-and-play” operation. SampleCare™ component protection supports high instrument uptime and robustness.