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Reaction monitoring with benchtop NMR

17 February 2016 | Product
by Ian Michael

Magritek have released new solutions that enable straightforward reaction monitoring on the Spinsolve benchtop NMR spectrometer. One of the largest growth areas for benchtop NMR is reaction monitoring where it is being broadly applied in chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences. NMR has a range of advantages for reaction monitoring. Spectra are chemically specific, enabling measurements to be sensitive to molecular structure and reaction kinetics. The signal has a linear response to concentration and it is generally not sensitive to the matrix. Results are representative of the complete sample and the measurement is non-destructive. To enable the Spinsolve spectrometer for reaction monitoring Magritek have created solutions with either glass flow cells or PTFE flow tubing that fit through the completely clear bore of the instrument. The glass flow cell option offers a large sample volume in the sampling region of the spectrometer and a narrow internal diameter outside of that zone. This gives the maximum signal-to-noise output with minimal fluid in the flow system. The hardware kit is completed with a peristaltic pump, appropriate tubing and a stand to provide access below the spectrometer. Complementing the hardware is full experiment scripting capability and pump control available in the latest instrument software. Stop-flow or continuous flow monitoring is straightforward to set up.