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Bruker introduces 80 MHz benchtop FT-NMR system

27 August 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

Bruker has introduced the Fourier 80 system, an 80 MHz Fourier Transform nuclear magnetic resonance (FT-NMR) benchtop spectrometer. The Fourier 80 has been designed for organic or medicinal chemistry research, routine analysis, teaching or synthesis verification in any chemistry laboratory. Equipped with a novel, ultra-stable 80 MHz permanent magnet, it requires no cryogens, magnet power supply, water cooling or special laboratory infrastructure. The Fourier 80 can be installed on a bench or in a fume hood without the need for new infrastructure.

The Fourier 80 has been designed for high data quality and stability at 80 MHz, with excellent lineshape, resolution and sensitivity in 80 MHz homonuclear 1H or heteronuclear 1H/13C FT-NMR experiments. It runs Bruker’s TopSpin™ software, giving users access to the extensive TopSpin library of 1D and 2D homonuclear and proton–carbon heteronuclear experiments and pulse programs. In addition, the Fourier 80 offers the new, easy-to-use GoScan™ software module for NMR novice users.

The Fourier 80 offers workflows and protocols for academic, pharma and industrial chemistry research, forensics and organic synthesis control. It can be incorporated into chemistry education to introduce students to FT-NMR. An optional teaching package with recommended experiments and spectra interpretation guidance is available.