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Raman spectrometer for pharmaceutical applications

2 May 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

B&W Tek’s QTRam performs solid dosage content uniformity testing to confirm the concentration of the active ingredients in finished products, even through sample coatings. It can be used for applications including blend and content uniformity, formulation development and counterfeit detection. The QTRam has the ability to quantify multiple components in a single scan for at-line monitoring and final product release. The QTRam comes with the portable lab-grade high-throughput Raman spectrometer system, the QT-Sampler quantitative transmission module, 21CFR Part 11 compliant BWAnalyst™ software that can be operated using the onboard touchscreen and two standard sample holders. Users are able quickly to build methods, perform routine analysis and obtain results, with the data saved to a secure database and reports accessible immediately through the software. B&W Tek also offers customisable sample holders to accommodate any sample dimension of the finished products, such as tablets or gel capsules.