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New multi-application nitrogen generator system

6 June 2017 | Product
by Ian Michael

Peak Scientific has unveiled the new Infinity XE 50 Series nitrogen generator. It is designed to cater for numerous applications across a typical laboratory, from a single source solution, and provides a variable flow of nitrogen gas ranging from 11 L min–1 to 432  L min–1 and at purities up to 99.5%. The Infinity XE 50 Series is suited for a wide range of applications including LC-MS, ELSD, sample evaporation, NMR, FTMS and gloveboxes, with the potential of providing nitrogen for multiple applications across an entire lab. The generator can also be used for industrial applications such as Modified Atmosphere Packaging and wine bottling. This new line represents a significant evolution from its predecessor, Peak’s highly successful Infinity 50 Series, with greater performance range available across a streamlined range of four models (5011, 5021, 5031, 5041) and new features including purity monitoring with optional failsafe shutdown and eco mode for maximum energy efficiency and reduced running costs.