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Magritek launch the 80 MHz Spinsolve 80

30 May 2017 | Product
by Ian Michael

Magritek has announced the Spinsolve 80, an 80 MHz benchtop NMR using 5 mm NMR tubes. The higher field enables a large chemical shift spread which, combined with a high resolution (0.5 Hz/20 Hz), makes it possible to resolve close NMR peaks. It also gives a sensitivity of 1% Ethyl Benzene > 200 : 1 dual channel. Through its software, users can perform multiple advanced 2D NMR methods such as COSY, HSQC-ME and HMBC. Its benchtop size and weight (72 kg) means it can be conveniently placed almost anywhere. All Spinsolve models have almost zero running costs as they do not require any cryogens.

The Spinsolve 80 Carbon spectrometer includes a selection of pulse sequences for the multi-nuclear probe which can measure 1H, 19F and 13C nuclei. Other nuclei and newer pulse sequences are available on request.

An example of the Magritek software in use showing the performance of the new Spinsolve 80.

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