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JEOL integrates CRAFT data processing

9 November 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

JEOL has expanded the quantitative and statistical analysis capability of its NMR spectrometers through collaboration with the developer of the CRAFT (Complete Reduction to Amplitude-Frequency Table) data processing technique. In conjunction with the recent JEOL DELTA NMR software release 5.3.0, CRAFT for DELTA V1.0 provides direct time domain-to-spreadsheet analysis, allowing for more objective extraction of quantitative information for compounds of interest, provides statistical analysis for metabolomics, reaction monitoring or quality control. Peaks that are too close to effectively quantify by traditional integration are completely resolved sinusoids in the time domain with separate information of frequency, amplitude, phase and decay rate available as numbers in a table.

Pioneering work for CRAFT direct time-domain analysis of NMR data was begun by Dr Krish Krishnamurthy and first published in 2013, and the work was extended to 2D NMR in 2016. By utilising Bayesian analysis of the time domain spectrum, CRAFT bypasses many issues brought about by Fourier transform to a visual frequency dimension.