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INVENIO FT-IR R&D spectrometer

29 May 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

Bruker has launched the new INVENIO™ FT-IR research spectrometer; the successor to the VERTEX 70 FT-IR for advanced R&D applications. The INVENIO combines new features with Vertex 70 technologies, such as unique FM technology for simultaneous mid- and far-IR spectroscopy. The new MultiTect™ technology allows for control of up to five internal detectors, covering the spectral range from far infrared to Vis/UV. A DigiTect™ detector slot enables additional flexibility for even more detectors. The smart INVENIO beam path further improves optical throughput and spectroscopic sensitivity. An integrated touch panel enables intuitive configuration set-ups and workflows for R&D applications, and the system can also be switched to notebook operation. The Transit™ channel allows for easy transmission measurements, without removing experiments from the sample compartment. Intelligent spectrometer features include electronically coded beam windows with magnetic mount, an automated internal attenuator wheel and an eight-position validation wheel for standards and customer-specific filters.