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FT-IR accessory for analysis of large objects

25 May 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

A new accessory compatible with Thermo Scientific FT-IR spectrometers is designed to enable art conservationists to verify the authenticity of paintings, sculptures, textiles and other large artworks. The Thermo Scientific ConservatIR FT-IR external reflection accessory lets users analyse objects that do not fit inside the sample compartment. The external accessory directs an infrared beam to an opto–mechanical arm that articulates in a range of motion from –5 ° to 95 °, enabling samples to be measured in multiple orientations. Users can also measure samples in two modes: specular/diffuse reflection, for non-contact analysis, or attenuated total reflection (ATR), using an optional diamond ATR sampling interface. An integrated video camera on the accessory enables users to magnify the sample image to facilitate higher confidence in the measurement location. The ConservatIR accessory is also designed to enable analysis of other large objects, including automotive parts, toys, fixtures and castings.