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FT-IR gas analyser

16 April 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

Bruker has launched the OMEGA 5 FT-IR based gas analyser for automated, high-precision and real-time monitoring of gas concentrations even in complex gas mixtures. It is designed for applications such as process surveillance in production lines, investigation of catalytic processes, determination of gas impurities and scientific research. The OMEGA 5 is a 19-inch rackmount box gas analyser equipped with a multi-reflection gas cell of 5 m optical path length. This gas cell can be heated up to 191 °C, and the pressure as well as the temperature of the target gas are automatically displayed and taken into account during the quantification with the gas analysis software OPUS GA. The optics of OMEGA 5 are sealed and purgeable, which enables the concentration of atmospheric interfering compounds like water and carbon dioxide to be minimised. The DryPath™ option enables atmospheric interfering compounds to be kept at the lowest level without the need for an external purge gas.

OMEGA 5 is equipped with a thermoelectrically cooled detector to measure concentrations down to the ppb range without the need for liquid nitrogen. It can measure with a spectral resolution of better than 1 cm–1, which allows for the quantification of compounds in most gas mixtures with a high degree of overlapping infrared signals.