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Bruker's INVENIO-S research FT-IR spectrometer

17 December 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

Bruker has launched the INVENIO S Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) research spectrometer that replaces the previous TENSOR spectrometer series. The INVENIO S focuses on productivity in routine and advanced laboratory analysis. Its optional Transit Channel™ allows instantaneous, software-controlled switching between measurement techniques by providing an additional, easily accessible sample compartment. The compact design allows bench space for additional, external accessories, expanding its capabilities to include IR microscopy and imaging, thermogravimetric analysis, high-throughput screening or vibrational circular dichroism. The infield upgradability to INVENIO R provides access to spectral range expansion (from far-IR to visible) and time-resolved spectroscopy (Rapid Scan, Step Scan, Interleaved TRS) when they are needed. An integrated touch panel provides intuitive guidance with typical workflows from routine to advanced applications in R&D. The INVENIO S meets all requirements of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Additional validation options are available providing the INVENIO S with full compliance to cGMP/GMP, US, European and Japanese Pharmacopeias and 21 CFR Part11.