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Sensirion acquires IR spectrometer company IRsweep

11 May 2021 | News
by Ian Michael

Sensirion Holding AG has completed the acquisition of IRsweep AG, based in Stäfa, Switzerland, which develops, manufactures and supplies optical spectroscopy solutions based on semiconductor quantum cascade laser (QCL) frequency comb technology in the mid-infrared. Sensirion has been a minority investor of IRsweep with 33 % of the shares since 2017. With this acquisition, Sensirion expands its optical sensing technology portfolio from components and modules to stand-alone infrared spectrometers for industrial and research applications. Many spectroscopic applications in industry and research simultaneously require high spectral resolution and speed. IRsweep’s infrared spectrometers based on its QCL frequency comb technology allow to study fast processes very accurately, such as protein dynamics or industrial reaction monitoring, without the need for moving parts.

IRsweep was founded in 2014, has 11 employees. Core applications of their technology include the study of fast reaction kinetics in research and development applications. This acquisition allows Sensirion to strengthen its optical sensing technology portfolio enabling long-term developments of cost-efficient sensing solutions based on optical measurement principles, such as trace gas analysis in environmental monitoring or the detection of methane leaks.

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