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20 years of Raman imaging

21 June 2017 | News
by Ian Michael

The Raman imaging company, WITec, is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. It was founded in 1997 as a three-person spin-off from the Physics Department of the University of Ulm and has grown into a company of 60 employees including the Ulm headquarters and branch offices in Spain, China, Japan, Singapore and the USA. Over the past 20 years WITec has established itself as a manufacturer of confocal Raman imaging systems. From the beginning, WITec’s Raman microscopes have always been fast, with integration times in the range of milliseconds per pixel, compared to one minute per pixel in the late 1990s. WITec was the first to offer combined microscopes that allow for imaging of a sample with several microscopy techniques that are integrated into one instrument. WITec’s latest correlative Raman imaging instrument is the Raman Imaging – Scanning Electron (RISE) microscope that has interested many in the SEM community.

Dr Joachim Koenen, Managing Director, says: “WITec’s success over the past 20 years is certainly satisfying. We have developed many new Raman imaging systems and techniques that we’re proud of. Sharing and exchanging our know-how with scientific and industrial customers for so many years has been really exciting. Still, we have many ideas for the technical improvement of Raman imaging that have yet to be fully developed and implemented. So I’m eagerly looking forward to the future of working with our customers and the WITec family.”

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