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Updates to ACD/Labs’ Spectrus informatics platform

23 October 2017 | Product
by Ian Michael

ACD/Labs has announced new updates to its ACD/Spectrus Platform. Version 2017.1 includes improved functionality in areas including MetaSense, ACD/Labs’ metabolite identification software, and introduces Luminata, a new solution for the management of impurity data announced in the spring of 2017.

In the main ACD/Spectrus software, instrument format support across analytical techniques has been expanded and enhanced. The ability to easily draw peptides sequences and suggestions for spectral assignment has been added. A new LC/MS deconvolution algorithm for high-resolution MS data also includes usability improvements. For those that work with mixtures, tools for analysing samples by NMR and MS have been enhanced.

The updated version of MetaSense brings new metabolic pathways into the prediction algorithm and provides easier navigation of data in ways that are better aligned to scientists’ workflows. The new Luminata software enables organisations to establish impurity control strategies through the assembly of analytical, chemical and process information in a single enterprise informatics environment, following QbD principles.