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Image analysis software now has spectroscopy support

11 June 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

Digital Surf has released Mountains® 9, a major new version of the company’s software platform for image and surface analysis in microscopy and metrology. Version 9 also includes a new branch of Mountains® software, MountainsSpectral®, for correlation and spectroscopy analysis. There are also three new modules version 9. Shell Topography provides surface texture analysis to freeform surfaces (shells). Chemical cubes is for the visualisation and analysis of multi-channel cubes of compositional data. IV Spectroscopy provides SPM investigation of electrical surface properties including 3D visualisation of datacubes and individual IV curve analysis (including CITS). New data types supported include point cloud data, allowing users to visualise and analyse data from 3D scanners etc. and multi-channel cubes for studying the composition of materials in full 3D. Data from different sources (SEM, AFM, EDS/EDX etc.) can be brought together to form single multi-layer datasets. A new colour mixing tool allows users to choose which layers of data they wish to bring to the fore. So, scanning electron microscope users can generate spectacular 3D renderings associating EDS/EDX maps or other spectral/compositional data with SEM images or reconstructed topography when available.

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