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New PaSER capabilities

7 June 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

The mass spectrometry search platform, PaSER, now has a MOMA (mobility offset mass aligned) viewer to characterise co-eluting isomeric or isobaric ions by large-scale CCS. The GPU-based search has been extended into immunoproteomics. Working with Professor Tony Purcell and Bioinformatics Solutions Inc., the ability to perform real-time de novo sequence assignment delivers new capabilities for novel neoantigen discovery. PaSER 2022 incorporates a new CCS-enabled database search algorithm, called TIMScore™, developed together with Professor John Yates, and driven by machine learning. TIMScore becomes the first fundamentally CCS-enabled database search algorithm, increasing the number of protein and peptides identified, while maintaining FDR control and real-time search speeds.