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Software to combine EM spectroscopy and AFM data

10 June 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

Oxford Instruments and Digital Surf have announced the release of Relate software for users of Oxford Instrument’s tools for materials characterisation. Relate software provides correlation of spectrometry (EDS and EBSD) data with AFM data and microscopy images with easy-to-use tools for rapid manual and semi-automated correlation of multiple images. 3D and 2D visualisation of composite data sets show EDS, EBSD and EM image layers combined with topography and material properties as measured by AFM, helping to reveal the micro- and nano-characteristics of a sample. Correlated quantitative data can be analysed by extracting underlying data values in addition to qualitative images (e.g. x-ray counts for each element). Data and images can be organised and reports published in popular formats (PDF, Word etc.). The interactive workflow is documented allowing traceability during the image analysis process.