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New Waters Multi Reflecting Time-of-Flight platform

10 June 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

Waters has introduced the Waters™ SELECT SERIES™ MRT, a high-resolution mass spectrometer that combines Multi Reflecting Time-of-Flight (MRT) technology with enhanced DESI and new MALDI imaging sources. The SELECT SERIES MRT platform is the basis for the next generation of Waters’ high-resolution mass spectrometers. It is capable of attaining 200,000 Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM) resolution and part-per-billion mass accuracy independent of scan speed. The MRT technology features an extended flight path of almost 50 m to give a clearer picture of structural information, including fine isotope structure.

The first application of the SELECT SERIES MRT is for MS imaging using DESI and MALDI ionisation. DESI is a direct-from-sample, soft ionisation technique performed under ambient environmental conditions, requiring no prior sample preparation. It provides imaging information about the biochemical distribution of small molecule drugs, lipids and naturally occurring metabolites within a slice of tissue or on other sample surfaces. The DESI XS source has a new high-performance sprayer and a heated transfer line.

The SELECT SERIES MRT is also available with a newly designed MALDI source. MALDI is an ideal complementary technique for the imaging of biological molecules such as peptides and can visualise tissue sections at spatial resolutions of less than 10 µm.