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New generation alpha300 apyron Raman microscope

7 May 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

WITec has introduced a new generation of their alpha300 apyron, the model with high levels of automation and user-friendliness. The alpha300 apyron can self-align and self-calibrate, enhancing reproducibility and eliminating potential sources of error. This is made possible by a complete set of WITec’s AutoBeam opto-mechanical components, a new and versatile tool kit that can be configured to create the optimal experimental setup for every investigation. New functionalities provided by AutoBeam modules include polarisation-dependent measurements with motorised polariser and analyser rotation, push-button spectrometer connection and signal maximisation, and automated adjustment of both iris diaphragms. Software-driven automation also allows the alpha300 apyron to be operated completely remotely, whether in an environmental enclosure such as a glove box, or from another location.

The alpha300 apyron microscopes are available with a wide variety of excitation wavelengths from the ultraviolet through the visible into the near infrared, and can be equipped with up to three ultra-high throughput WITec UHTS spectrometers and their accompanying range of detectors. Raman imaging and correlative measurements are defined, executed, saved and evaluated with WITec’s Suite FIVE software and EasyLink handheld controller.

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