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New electron probe microanalyser from CAMECA

3 August 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

CAMECA has introduced the SXFive-TACTIS, which brings together all the best features of CAMECA’s earlier electron probe microanalysers and adds a new dual interface. It is designed to meet a growing demand from multiuser research facilities for instrumentation that combines highly sophisticated analytical options with extreme ease of use. Users can choose between two tool operation modes. In beginner mode, the instrument configuration and operation, as well as basic imaging and data processing, are made easy thanks to a new, intuitive, touch-screen interface that gives immediate access to a wealth of simplified options. In expert mode, the interface is designed for skilled users who can benefit from a full complement of different tool parameters and software options.

The SXFive-TACTIS also has an additional backscattered electron detector for enhanced imaging especially at low voltage; a fully integrated energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) hyper-mapping module for ultrafast quantitative analysis; and the capability to acquire real-time wavelength dispersive spectroscopy and EDS X-ray images. The instrument can be fully remote controlled, allowing users to run experiments from their smart phones, tablets or any remote computer. It is available with a W, LaB6 or field-emission source.