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New sCMOS for EUV and soft X-ray detection

7 July 2022 | Product
by Ian Michael

Andor Technology has introduced the new Marana-X platform for ultra-fast soft X-ray/EUV tomography and High Harmonic Generation imaging. Marana-X-11 represents a significant technological advancement for applications that traditionally use slow scan CCDs. Specifically optimised for the 80 eV‒1 keV region, Marana-X-11 has superior quantum efficiency and noise floor at the fastest acquisition rates compared to CCDs, to enable dynamic photon starved applications.

Marana-X-11 combines a high-resolution back-illuminated, uncoated 4.2 Megapixel sensor with a large 32-mm diagonal field of view featuring 11 µm pixels, 48 fps and high dynamic range. This sensor offers great flexibility to analyse a wide range of sample configurations and address demanding spatial and spectral resolution needs in one single setup. Its electronic shutter, combined with a USB3 or robust long distance CoaXPress data interface, enables easy integration into a broad range of vacuum-based, high-energy experimental setups.