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LabRAM Soleil

15 April 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

HORIBA Scientific introduced the LabRAM Soleil, a multimodal Raman microscope designed for UV-vis-NIR imaging. SmartSampling™ technology makes hyperspectral mapping faster with an image-compression algorithm, and the QScan™ patented confocal imaging system enables scanning of the excitation laser over the sample surface, which provides high confocality of the image multilayer sample, the ability to map the sample without moving it and more agility with point-and-shoot operation, directly on the video image.LabRAM Soleil™ offers benefits such as true self-operation, remote maintenance and instant objective recognition. The LabRAM Soleil can support up to six motorised lasers (four built-in and two external) and up to six spectroscopic modes (including Raman, ULF, photoluminescence and up-conversion luminescence). The LabRAM Soleil™ Raman microscope can be coupled to OmegaScope™, HORIBA’s atomic force microscope system, available in different controlled environments, and make spectroscopic measurements at the nanoscale.