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FT-IR imager for methane

16 February 2016 | Product
by Ian Michael

Telops’ Hyper-Cam Methane is an imaging Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectrometer for remote sensing of methane (CH4) manufactured by Telops. This instrument has been specifically designed to detect and monitor methane gas leaks and emissions at even very low concentrations and flow rates. Visualising methane in real-time from an airborne platform or on the ground in an open path set up allows the source of a methane leak to be localised, and shows the direction the gas is heading. The Hyper-Cam Methane enclosure makes it ideal for outdoor measurements as it is designed to cope with changing weather conditions. The imager incorporates a Michelson-type interferometer with a spectral range of 7.35–8.25 µm and user-selectable spectral resolution up to 0.25 cm–1. The Hyper-Cam Methane is equipped with a 320 × 256-pixel Stirling-cooled FPA detector (MCT).