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Air-cooled pumps for LC-MS and ICP-MS

7 September 2017 | Product
by Ian Michael

Edwards has introduced the air-cooled nXLi dry vacuum pump range, which provides a small footprint with quiet operation. The intelligent drive enables the system to achieve an enhanced performance plateau from single phase power supply, with consistent worldwide operation. There is a choice of control options, with either manual, simple remote or serial communications control as standard. The pump mechanism is non-contacting and oil-free to provide extended operation with maximum up time, up to five years’ service life.

During the initial chamber pump down the intelligent transient overload protection allows a higher power draw for a short period of time, this enables the pump to evacuate the chamber from atmospheric pressure to operating pressure. This higher initial power boost enables the pump to overcome initial gas loads and once operating pressure is achieved, less power is required.

This new single-phase pump is available in two options, nXL110i and nXL200i, both optimised for LC-MS and ICP-MS, and capable of handling gas loads of up to 25 slm.