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Advion introduces the SOLATION ICP-MS analyser

8 January 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

Advion has released the SOLATION inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer. It has a 90° quadrupole deflector that lowers interference by ensuring that the analyser and detector are not in line with the plasma beam, preventing neutrals and particles from entering the analyser, improving signal-to-noise and preventing contamination. The SOLATION uses triple-cone ion extraction with the sample and skimmer cones available in Ni or Pt. The third extraction cone, followed by an Einzel lens, are electrically controlled to maximise transmission of ions into the vacuum system. Dual function detectors measure in both analogue and pulse detection modes with seamless transmission between the two, to allow measurement of high and low levels in a single analysis with >109 linear dynamic range. Pulse detection captures ions generating pulses <20 ns, and is accurate and linear to a minimum dwell time of <100 μs. Analog detection is used for higher ion signals while deactivating pulse detection to extend detector lifetime.