Informing Spectroscopists for Over 40 Years

Williams-Wright Award

Slobodan Sasic has received the Williams-Wright Award. He obtained his PhD degree from the University of Belgrade in Serbia. He then worked at Kwansei–Gakuin University (Japan) on various applications of vibrational spectroscopy, chemometrics, 2D correlation spectroscopy and SERS. Next, at MIT, he worked on a method for non-invasive analysis of glucose based on Raman spectroscopy and multivariate calibration. He then joined Pfizer (and later Vertex) where he specialised in vibrational spectroscopy-based chemical imaging of pharmaceuticals, and on using NIR spectroscopy for monitoring of blending of pharmaceutical materials. Currently at SSCI/AMRI he is using vibrational spectroscopy, chemical imaging, XRPD and chemometrics for analysis of pharmaceutical solid forms.


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