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Camo acquired by Aspen Technology

11 January 2021 | News
by Ian Michael

Camo Analytics, producer of the Unscrambler chemometrics software, has been acquired by Aspen Technology, Inc. Camo’s products will strengthen AspenTech’s portfolio with Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) solutions to meet compliance requirements.

Antonio Pietri, president and chief executive officer of Aspen Technology commented, “Camo Analytics is a great addition to our portfolio and supports the expansion of our capabilities to the pharmaceuticals industry and several other industries. We were impressed by the depth of knowledge and drive for innovation from the Camo Analytics team and look forward to continuing investment in the solutions and bringing them to new customers and markets.”

Raman Bhatnagar, chief executive officer for Camo Analytics commented: “On behalf of the Camo Analytics team, I am very happy to see us become part of a global leader in digital transformation. We share the same vision that the ability to analyse data from across the organisation and effectively predict behaviours are critical to achieving the smart enterprise of the future. Bringing our technology to the Industrial AI of AspenTech is very exciting.”

“This is a great day for all employees and customers of Camo Analytics, as the company will now be part of a world leader in industrial analytics with access to all key industries and customers alike. I feel confident that this is an industrially sound transaction that will benefit all stakeholders”, added Erik Langaker, chairman and investor, Camo Analytics.

The entire Camo team is now part of AspenTech and they confirm it is business as usual, now with more resources and a broader set of solutions to accelerate product development. Camo’s office remains in Oslo.

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