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Nominations for the 2021 Herman Wold gold medal

5 August 2021 | News
by Ian Michael

Nominations are invited for the 2021 recipient of the Herman Wold gold medal. This will be awarded to an individual who has contributed significantly to the development and proliferation of Chemometrics. Chemometrics also includes AI/Machine Learning, Multivariate Data Analysis and related data‐driven life science approaches “in the spirit of Herman Wold”.

Nominations should be supported by at least one other person knowledgeable in the field. See https://kemisamfundet.se/sektioner/kemometri/#HW_nom_210524 for more information on nominations. Nominations should reach the e-mail address, Herman‐Wold‐Medal‐[email protected] by the updated deadline of 23 August 2021.

The decision on the award will be made by the board of the Chemometrics Division of the Swedish Chemical Society. The 15th Herman Wold gold medal ceremony will take place during the 17th Scandinavian Symposium on Chemometrics conference (SSC17) in Aalborg, Denmark, 6–9 September 2021, http://ssc17.org.

Previous recipients of the Herman Wold gold medal are: Svante Wold (1995), Agnar Höskuldsson (1997), Harald Martens (1999), John MacGregor (2001), Rolf Carlson (2003), Olav Kvalheim (2005), Pentti Minkkinen (2007), Michael Sjöström (2008), Johan Trygg (2009), Rasmus Bro (2011) Torbjörn Lundstedt (2013), Gabriele Cruciani (2015), Veli-Matti Taavitsainen (2017) and Barry Wise (2019).

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