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Sigma-Aldrich Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with IROA Technologies

18 September 2015 | News
by Ian Michael

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation has signed an exclusive global distribution agreement with IROA Technologies, LLC to distribute IROA’s Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Library of Standards™ (MSMLS). MSMLS is a collection of small molecules that span a broad range of primary metabolism. These are high purity (>95%) compounds supplied in an economical, ready-to-use format. The library of standards is most commonly used to provide retention times and spectra for key metabolic compounds, help optimise mass spectrometry analytical protocols and qualify and quantify mass spectrometry sensitivity and limit of detection.

Under the agreement, Sigma-Aldrich has worldwide rights to sell IROA Technologies’ Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Library of Standards and the corresponding software, MSMLSDiscovery™.

Learn more about Sigma-Aldrich's distribution of the Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Library of Standards, http://link.spectroscopyeurope.com/W5-09-005.

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