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Shimadzu wins Frost & Sullivan Mass Spectrometry Company of the Year

10 September 2015 | News
by Ian Michael

Shimadzu was chosen as the award recipient of the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Mass Spectrometry Company of the Year.

To be chosen as the company of the year two key factors were evaluated—Visionary Innovation & Performance and Customer Impact—according to the criteria identified below.

Visionary Innovation & Performance

  • Criterion 1: Addressing Unmet Needs
  • Criterion 2: Visionary Scenarios Through Mega Trends
  • Criterion 3: Implementation Best Practices
  • Criterion 4: Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Criterion 5: Financial Performance

Customer Impact

  • Criterion 1: Price/Performance Value
  • Criterion 2: Customer Purchase Experience
  • Criterion 3: Customer Ownership Experience
  • Criterion 4: Customer Service Experience
  • Criterion 5: Brand Equity

Ms Cindy Gan, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan, has said in her congratulatory letter that

“Leveraging its strengths in product innovation, high value-added and quality mass spectrometers, and excellent promotional activities, Shimadzu has established a strong presence in the Asia Pacific mass spectrometry market.”

“In anticipation of the future growth of this market, the company is working towards increasing its production capacity, thus ensuring the stable and reliable supply of products for years to come.”

“Together with its outstanding cost structure, these capabilities will further fortify its position as a leading participant in this market. Wishing you every success. We look forward to working closely with you in the future.”

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