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Shimadzu opens branch office in Sweden

3 September 2019 | News
by Ian Michael

Shimadzu has opened a branch office in Sweden based in Stockholm, in the city district of Kista. The new office occupies approximately 350 m2 of administration space, demonstration lab and seminar rooms. The team will consist of twelve employees covering sales and service, each of four people. There are also two application specialists, and two positions are still vacant in sales and service, the latter particularly for southern Sweden.

“We are proud to be present in the home country of Alfred Nobel and Swedish Laureates from chemical, physical, clinical and engineering sciences”, said Lage Thaning, Managing Director of the Shimadzu Sweden Branch Office. “Sweden has always been an early adopter of new technologies and open-minded towards new developments.”

The full address is Shimadzu Filial Sverige, Finlandsgatan 40, 164 74 Kista; www.shimadzu.se.

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