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NIR-2015 Keynote Speakers

10 August 2015 | News
by Ian Michael

The organisers of NIR-2015 have announced the list of keynote speakers for the conference.

Professor Harold Martens: “Multichannel NIR Spectroscopy: A Role Model for Future Quantitative Big Data”

Professor Kim H. Esbensen: “The Critical Role of Representative Sampling before Analysis, NIR or Otherwise”

Professor Søren Balling Engelsen: “The Symphony of Vibrations in NIR Spectroscopy Combined with Chemometrics: A Powerful Cocktail” (Tomas Hirschfeld Award Lecture)

Dr Phil Williams: “How It All Began” (Karl Norris Award Lecture)

Professor William Foley: “NIRS in Wildlife and Ecology: Diversity, Scale and Complexity”

Professor Heinz Siesler: “Vibrational spectroscopy with Handheld Instruments: State-of-Art”

Dr Vincent Baeten: “NIR and Agriculture: We are Just Starting to Understand the Perspectives”

Professor Anna de Juan: “Multivariate Resolution for NIR Image and Process Analysis”

Professor Ronei Jesus Poppi: “NIR Hyperspectral Imaging Spectroscopy and Chemometrics in Pharmaceutical Analysis”

Dr Pierre Dardenne: “Final Remarks on NIR-2015”

Find out more about NIR-2015 at http://nir2015.com.br/.

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