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MOBILion introduces its first ion mobility product in partnership with Agilent

17 September 2019 | News
by Ian Michael

MOBILion Systems is partnering with Agilent Technologies to integrate its ion mobility separations technology, called Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulation (SLIM), with Agilent’s Q-TOF mass spectrometry platform as the company’s first commercial product offering. This is the first of several partnerships through which MOBILion will integrate its ion mobility capabilities with mass spectrometry platforms.

MOBILion’s technology increases the capabilities of current liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) analytical workflows, enabling multi-dimensional analysis of biologically relevant molecules with high levels of resolution and throughput. SLIM technology can be integrated with LC-MS workflows to provide more robust analytical information, and for some applications, replace liquid chromatography providing superior speed, ease-of-use and resolution.

A beta model will launch in 2020 with broader commercial availability planned for 2021.

SLIM technology was invented in the lab of Dr Richard D. Smith at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. MOBILion has an exclusive license to offer SLIM technology for life science applications.

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