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Calibration partnership for single-chip FT-NIR spectrometers

6 April 2022 | News
by Ian Michael

Si-Ware, manufacturers of the NeoSpectra single-chip FT-NIR spectrometers, has announced a partnership with NutriControl Analytical Solutions, a laboratory network based in the Netherlands serving the animal feed, dairy and food sectors. The partnership will benefit from NutriControl’s calibration experience to provide users of the portable NeoSpectra Scanner with quick, accurate materials sampling capabilities for a broad range of applications.

“We’re excited to partner with NutriControl on this endeavour and pair their NIR calibration expertise with our user-friendly portable technology”, said Ralph Hewitt, vice president of global sales at Si-Ware.

NutriControl develops NIR calibration lines and NIR cloud services that can be used to analyse feed, grains, dairy products, silages, pet food and many other raw materials. The company’s calibration lines are based on a significant amount of classical wet chemical tests.

“Our customers have long understood the need for accurate materials analysis, and now more than ever, they are searching for portable solutions to conduct real-time sampling and accurate measurements”, said Jörgen van den Ende, managing director at NutriControl. “Through our collaboration with NeoSpectra by Si-Ware, we now have the opportunity to implement our calibration lines on a portable system that will bring value to all global users.”

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