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Agilent Technologies and Stemina Biomarker Discovery Announce Efforts to Accelerate Stem Cell Metabolite Biomarker Discovery

25 May 2010 | News
by Katie Michael

Agilent Technologies and Stemina Biomarker Discovery have announced efforts to accelerate Stemina’s metobolomic research. Stemina uses metabolomic analysis of stem cells for the discovery of biomarkers for use in drug screening, drug development and drug development.

Agilent is providing a 1290 Infinity UHPLC system to separate stem cellular metabolites, coupled to a 6530 Accurate Mass quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer (Q-ToF MS) to identify those metabolites. Agilent also is providing Mass Profiler Professional software to help Stemina researchers interpret the complex data generated by metabolomics experiments.

“We are pleased to broaden our relationship with Agilent to advance our scientific platform and our discovery of important small molecules involved in developmental toxicity and autism,” said Beth Donley, Stemina CEO. “We have used Agilent technology since Stemina began operations in 2007 and have been very pleased with the instrumentation, support and collaboration we have experienced with Agilent.”

“Metabolomics is a major growth area for us, and the innovative work being done at Stemina is the kind we like to support,” said Gustavo Salem, Agilent vice president and general manager, Biological Systems Division. “We’ve aggressively built an LC/MS portfolio for the life sciences in recent years, and the Mass Profiler Professional software provides the crucial ability to visualise biological pathways from the massive and complex data sets generated by metabolomics studies.”

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