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Agilent LC/MS instruments earn sustainability recognition

26 April 2021 | News
by Ian Michael

Agilent Technologies has announced that both their InfinityLab LC/MSD iQ and the Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LC/MS systems have earned the Accountability, Consistency and Transparency (ACT) label from My Green Lab (a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the sustainability of scientific research). Agilent say that they are committed to helping labs meet their sustainability goals. In a recent global survey, 87 % of lab managers indicated that sustainability goals are important in running their labs. Additionally, 68 % reported that further work is required to achieve their sustainability goals.

“Partnering with My Green Lab has provided us the opportunity to work with an expert in this field”, said Darlene Solomon, senior vice president, and chief technology officer at Agilent. “We chose them for their holistic approach to sustainability and their understanding of the scientific interconnectivity across the laboratory, from chemicals to instruments to the environment itself.”

To celebrate these green instruments and also acknowledge Earth Day, Agilent has kicked off a Plant a Tree programme with customers and employees, with the goal to plant over 1500 trees in Brazil, China, Colombia, Kenya and Tanzania, Mexico and the United States, by the end of September 2021.

The ACT label criteria, known as the Environmental Impact Factor criteria, were developed with industry input. Agilent instruments that have received the ACT label include sustainability features such as reduced energy consumption, less material used per product, smaller packaging (improving shipping sustainability), as well as sustainable (recycled) product and packaging. All enabling customers to make better informed as well as sustainable choices for their lab.

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