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130 years of Pfeiffer Vacuum

27 July 2020 | News
by Ian Michael

Pfeiffer Vacuum is celebrating its 130 years in business. The company introduced the turbomolecular pump in 1958. Arthur Pfeiffer founded the company in Wetzlar, Germany, in 1890, and he initially devoted his attention to the production of remote ignition systems for gas lamps. Once electric light bulbs had become established, the company founder quickly turned his attention to the new lighting technology, which led him to look at the vacuum technology used in its production. Arthur Pfeiffer quickly recognised the significance that vacuum technology could have in practically all areas of industry and research—and he subsequently concentrated entirely on this field.

Dr Eric Taberlet, Chief Executive Officer of Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG commented: “With our durable products and customised vacuum solutions, we are able to satisfy practically every customer requirement and to establish relationships that will endure for years to come. At Pfeiffer Vacuum, ‘sustainability’ is not just an empty word. We are aware of our responsibility. And this is why, at all our locations around the world, we establish the necessary conditions to make sure that our staff enjoy working for Pfeiffer Vacuum. We are socially committed, because we want to give something back, and we produce our products in the most energy-efficient and environmentally-compatible manner possible. We have been living and breathing sustainability—by tradition—for 130 years.”

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