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The author examining a church stone wall
Kim H. Esbensen

In this issue, you will also learn something of the history of Danish medieval stone churches in northern and western Jutland! “Danish geology icon Arne Noe-Nygaard picks up on an 800 years old sampling and invents the Replication Experiment: PAT in disguise” is firmly rooted in the Theory of Sampling but you will also learn some geology and history!

Sampling Column  |  Issue 35/2 (2023)
Rodolfo J. Romañach, Aidalu Joubert Castro, Kim H. Esbensen

The Sampling Column provides some easy-to-understand examples of what sampling errors are, what are the consequences of them and what can be done about them. Particular examples from pharma, PAT and NIR spectroscopy are provided.

Sampling Column  |  Issue 33/2 (2021)
Kim H. Esbensen, Brad Swarbrick

The Sampling Column points out that incorrect sampling is irreversible: no amount of chemometrics or further samples will be able to produce a valid model if the sampling is not representative. This applies in flowing PAT analyses as much as in static.

Sampling Column  |  Issue 31/6 (2019)
Werner Barnard, Henk-Jan van Manen, Antony N. Davies

The authors tell us about an initiative to promote ­analytical ­spectroscopy to a range of people from school children and their parents to Dutch chemists. PAT is the key.

Tony Davies Column  |  Issue 30/6 (2018)
Karin Engström, Kim H. Esbensen

This feature forms an intermezzo in the current segment of process sampling columns. We have asked Karin Engström, Luossavaara Kiirunavaara AB (LKAB), Kiruna, Sweden to outline how industrial validation of a process sampling system takes place following ISO standards guidelines.

Sampling Column  |  Issue 29/5 (2017)
Kim H. Esbensen, Claas Wagner

This is the first of a number of columns dealing with process sampling, i.e. sampling from moving streams of matter. As will become clear there is a great deal of redundancy regarding how to sample both stationary and moving lots, but it is the specific issues pertaining to dynamic lots that will be highlighted.

Sampling Column  |  Issue 29/2 (2017)
Antony Neil Davies, Martin Gerlach

An Interview with Martin Gerlach discussing the Bayer Technology Services (BTS) Process Analysis approach.

Tony Davies Column  |  Issue 20/3 (2008)

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