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Three-channel hyperspectral camera system

31 January 2023 | Product
by Ian Michael

A growing number of companies are investigating how hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology can enhance their product and/or service offerings. For some, it is clear from the start which spectral range best suits their needs. For others, however, it is a journey that involves testing several camera options. While these camera options are available, it’s a proven challenge to fuse their data into one dataset to draw learnings and conclusions. imec’s new hyperspectral camera comes with three sensors, integrated into a single housing and equipped with a standard F-mount lens. It will allow partners to flexibly assess the pros and cons of different spectral resolutions and ranges without needing to invest in a myriad of devices or duplicate experiments.

Inside the camera, the light is directed to three channels. Two of them are equipped with an imec off-the-shelf two-megapixel sensor—together covering the vis and NIR spectral ranges. A third channel sports a high-resolution RGB sensor. As such, the device covers 30 bands in the 460–870 nm range, complemented by a true-colour, five-megapixel image—all working in sync at video rate speed for real-time data acquisition (even of dynamic scenes).