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Software updates to ACD/Labs’ Spectrus

30 September 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

ACD/Labs has introduced updates for their Spectrus software platform, including an expansion of instrument vendor data format support. Several enhancements have been introduced across the analytical techniques and workflows supported by Spectrus applications. For NMR, “targeted profiling” has been introduced offering streamlined analysis of 1D mixture spectra. The speed and accuracy of ACD/Labs’ NMR Predictors have also been enhanced, along with improvements to data processing tools. For LC/MS, v2019 software offers greater flexibility in the analysis and review of MSn data, more efficient spectral searching for dereplication workflows and more intuitive management of LC/UV/MS information.

The software architecture of ACD/Labs’ entire line of software applications has been updated to 64-bit, eliminating any technological limitations scientists may face such as the import/export of large LC/MS datasets.