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Simplified deployment of hyperspectral imaging for inspection applications

13 February 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

Pleora Technologies and perClass BV have announced a technology partnership to simplify the deployment of machine learning hyperspectral imaging for inspection applications. The Pleora AI Gateway and perClass AI plug-in allow end-users and integrators to deploy machine learning hyperspectral capabilities without any additional programming knowledge. Images and data are uploaded to perClass Mira® “no code” training software on a host PC, which automatically generates AI models that are deployed on the Pleora AI Gateway in a production environment.

Pleora’s AI Gateway works with any standards-compliant hyperspectral sensor, bridging the gap between applications and existing machine vision software by automatically handling image acquisition from the hyperspectral imaging source and sending out the processed data over GigE Vision to inspection and analysis platforms. Pleora’s AI Gateway provides additional plug-in AI skills for classification, sorting and detecting, with the processing flexibility of an NVIDIA GPU to train and deploy open source or custom algorithms developed in popular frameworks like TensorFlow and OpenCV. Lead customers are now evaluating the AI Gateway in inspection applications to help reduce costly inspection errors, false-positives and secondary screenings.

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